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 What we do


​NFSH is unique in its outlook and focus. We are a mass-based organization created to benefit the workers that have been grouped under a unique labour movement that has a history of resistance against workplace exploitation and financial exclusion. The workers we represent in NFSH are often used to create wealth for others.

NFSH is there to empower the workers to make an independent assessment of financial services products that will better serve their interests.
We at NSFH support the Namibian Financial Sector Strategy to ensure that necessary reforms are implemented to extend benefits derived from this sector to previously disadvantaged Namibians.
Our aim is to continue responding to market opportunities by creating new niches that can be served through variable cost business plans. We strive to make real-time production in response to customized demand the norm.
Guided by empowerment financing, the Company will continue to invest in targeted and BEE transactions/projects that support economic development in underdeveloped areas where most of its clients hail from.

 How we do it


Nam-mic Financial Solutions (Pty) Limited (NFS)

Nam-mic Financial Solutions (Pty) Limited (NFS), a subsidiary of NFSH, offers micro finance to union members in partnership with Bank Windhoek Limited.  The micro finance business unit also provides payroll deduction services to private sector companies, state owned enterprises and government to provide financial services to members of the unions affiliated to the NUNW.
In response to the needs of our customers we have facilitated the development of products in the areas of:
• Micro Lending
  o Nam-mic Loans (BW FINANCE),
• Insurance
  o Life Insurance/funeral products (NAMLIFE)
  o Short-term Insurance (WELWITSCHIA NAMMIC)
  o Credit Life (SANLAM NAMIBIA)
• Legal access
  o Nam-mic Legal Access (SANTAM)
  • Mobile banking services
  • Customized products and services that are integral to our strategic partnership with the Capricorn Investment Holdings Group, Santam Namibia and Sanlam Namibia. 
Through Nam-mic Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd we are attempting to innovatively address the critical shortage of suitably skilled management and staff in the insurance, banking and consultancy sectors in Namibia. We believe it has the ability and technical support to play an essential role in the transformation of financial services in the country.

Nam-mic Payment Solutions (Pty) Limited (NPS)
Nam-mic Payment Solutions (Pty) Ltd was established in 2011 and was mandated to create Nam-mic CellCard as a multifunctional card catering for banking and loyalty transactions.
Nam-mic CellCard is available to the public and is being used as a membership card for the affiliated members of the Namibian Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW).
Focused on financial inclusivity, Nam-mic CellCard is a cost effective banking product that caters for the unbanked and under-banked population of Namibia

 The future

Engaging and servicing the new mobile generation as financial members and customers remains a serious challenge. Financial institutions will have to develop innovative strategies and technologies for improving account profitability without alienating the digital generation customers. These new technologies need to be converted to insights.
These trends will guide NFSH to continue being relevant to all its customers, including the new mobile generation. To be successful, we will have to stand up to the task of offering our clients superior treatment with services tailored to the specific needs of each type of customer.
As part of this we plan to strengthen Nam-mic Payment Solutions, the company we created for this new mobile generation. We believe that the Nam-mic CellCard, a cellphone based payments service offered by Nam-mic Payment Solutions, will not only dramatically increase the use of electronic banking and commerce but it will cause a radical transformation and will facilitate mobile commerce and transactions.
Through partnerships and collaboration, we will provide an affordable breadth and depth of services that our client base requires.
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