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 Purpose of the Fund


The purpose of our Social Investment Fund is to create an environment that is conducive to the growth and development of Namibia’s workers and their dependants to support social upliftment initiatives. NFSH is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and invests in projects that seek to deliver on its mission of creating and distributing wealth to the ultimate beneficiaries.

NFSH invests in a range of social, worker-based projects and opportunities that aim to make an improved and sustainable difference in the lives of those who benefit from its social investment.
The focus areas are as follows:
• Job creation;
• Education;
• Health (awareness towards the prevention of HIV/AIDS amongst the workers). 
These areas are decided upon by the Social Investment Fund Steering Committee and will be reviewed on an annual basis. 

 Objectives of the Fund


• To be recognized as a corporate citizen by contributing, within the NFSH’s means, to development and poverty alleviation;
• To give support towards initiatives aimed at improving the critical social and economic conditions of the workers, in which NFSH operate; and
• To create a business environment, conducive to addressing social challenges that impact negatively on socio-economic developments.  


 ​​Target Beneficiaries


Funding from the Social Investment Fund is only open to Stakeholder and Shareholder Unions, their members and beneficiaries. The projects that receive funding, should aim to reach members who will be the direct beneficiaries of their programs and projects.

In accordance with the overall objective of the Fund, all applications that are within the focus areas of the Fund will be considered.

• The Fund will enter into partnerships with Stakeholder and Shareholder Unions, their members and beneficiaries aimed at addressing social needs in the areas of Job Creation, Education, and Health;
• The Fund is committed to the development of mutually beneficial and collaborative partnerships based on the principles of fairness;
• The Fund is committed to practicing fairness, openness and accountability in all its dealings with project applicants and partners.
The Fund may enter into partnerships with other corporate companies, except in the case of direct competitors.  These partnerships will be based on a memorandum of agreement, outlining the respective responsibilities of each partner 



 Selection Criteria


Only applications from Stakeholder, Shareholder Unions, their members and beneficiaries, will be considered.
• Applications will only be considered for projects that aim to address and improve a particular socio-economic issue amongst the working class, but only in the Social Investment Fund focus areas, namely Job Creation, Education and Health.
• All applicants should complete the standard NFSH Social Investment Fund application form, otherwise an application will not be considered.
• A detailed proposal, inclusive of clear contact details, objectives, activities, targets, measures and detailed budgets, should be attached to the Social Investment Fund application form.


 Selection Process


• Application for funding is received by The Chief Executive Officer of NFSH;
• Pre-evaluation of the project/initiative of union;
• Recommendation to the Social Investment Fund Steering Committee and decision;
• Agreement with grantee (contracting), should the application be successful;
• Monthly/Bi-monthly evaluation and assessments;
• Feedback reporting to the Social Investment Fund Steering Committee.


 General Exclusions


• No support will be provided in respect of individuals, foreign enterprises and organisations, study tours, sport tours and student exchange programmes;
• The NFSH Social Investment Fund will not fund the payment of Consultancy/Professional fees except where a consultant or professional provides a specific service to a project funded by the NFSH Fund;
• The NFSH Investment Fund will not provide direct funding to government but will enter into partnerships with government on worker related development projects in partnership with unions. Funding from the NFSH Social Investment Fund for such projects will be channelled directly to suppliers and not through the government financial system;
• No funding for projects outside the borders of Namibia will be granted


 Obligations and Responsibilities


Grantor obligations and responsibilities / Grantee obligations and responsibilities

• Funding will only be advanced after the committee is satisfied that the funding criteria of the NFSH’s Social Investment Fund has been met;
• All funds will be based on a formal contract between the NFSH Social Investment Fund and the partner, which will outline the respective accountabilities.

 Monitoring and Evaluation


• The assessment of initiatives/projects for funding will include a thorough appraisal of the applicants/trade union organization, which will include the capacity/real needs of the applicant/trade union organisation.  
• An assessment of the optimal benefit that will be derived by the applicant/trade union.
• All funding will be based on a thorough assessment of the initiative/project to ensure that it is viable, will be able to become self-sustainable and addresses the workers need.  The fund will conduct an on-site assessment of initiatives/projects before entering into a funding partnership with applicants/trade union organisations;
• The Fund will play an active role in the ongoing monitoring of funded initiatives/ projects to ensure proper utilisation of funds in accordance with the funding contract.  All projects will be evaluated for performance on a bi-annual basis and the evaluation will be based on written reports from the organisations and on-site visits;
• All funded projects will be evaluated on an annual basis to review further requests for funding.  The Fund is committed to multi-year funding relationships with applicants/trade union organizations, which will be subject to the findings generated by careful monitoring and evaluation of projects.


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